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Quick Fix

Have a special event and need a quick pick me up? This appointment is only for in between fills and is not considered a "fill." It is only to add a few more extensions on. (30 min)


For new clients

Full set- (2 hours) Your mascara free life begins now!


For new "fill" clients

Are you coming from another lash artist? We are happy to have you! Please understand that we can never be certain what your prior application looks like and likely will charge more for your first visit. Prices may vary.

$100.00 +

For returning full sets

Full set- (2 hours) We value loyal clients and understand that sometimes we have a hard time finding time for appointments. This is specifically for any client that has been to Blissful Beauty for lashes before.


2 Week Fill

Are you in dire need of perfect lashes always? These 2 week fills are just for you. Never have a bad lash day again!


3 Week Refresher

This hour and 15 minutes will be exactly what you want to make your lashes perfect again! This includes seperating old extensions, taking off any if needed, and fills them in to make your wink perfect!


4 Week Revamp

Time slipped away from you and you're just able to make it in finally! No problem. Your lashes may need a bit more TLC so this hour and 30 min fill should help to get your wink on!


Lash Removal

Need a break? No problem, we have you covered.


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