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The Brow Effects

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Meet Chloe, Owner of The Brow Effects. We are lucky enough to have her located inside Blissful Beauty now offering clients an assortment of permanent makeup services on Wednesdays from 9-7PM. "Chloe's calm & sweet energy helped to easy my nerves when she mapped my brows out during my first experience microblading. I am SO excited to have her here offering a service that has literally changed my life." Says Jessica, Owner of Bliss. Come and have the life changing experience done for yourself!

Chloe has been living in CT for 23 years after she had lived in CA and NY. During her college years, she supported her parents’ business and from there, she gained years of spa experience and geared her her up for bigger things, 14 years of retail management & customer service!


She has been always passionate about beauty and all  its trends. One day, she received her first microblading service and experienced the life changing moment of gaining full brows. It helped her gain confidence along with a beautiful natural look. This experience became her motivation behind deciding to share this experience with others. After that, Chloe received years of exclusive one-on-one lessons from a professional PMU (Permanent Makeup) artist and obtained her license in CT. Chloe has been in PMU industry, helping her clients gain confidence! 


Outside of work, she enjoys her time with her three fur babies! Daisy (most spoiled dog ever), Ivy (the sassy yet graceful cat), and Ollie (the most goofy one in the house), who always bring laughter in her home. 

Contact Chloe

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

  • 203-598-6914

Policy & Pricing

Strictly by appointment only and can be scheduled via phone call or text 203-598-6914 or email at Clients can also reach out via phone/text/email for free consultation. ​

Microblading: $600 with 1 free touch-up

Microshading: $675 with 1 free touch-up

Combo: $700 with 1 free touch-up

Lip Blushing: $600 with 1 free touch-up

Refresh (Existing customers only) 

3 month after 1st touch-up from full service: $175
6 month after 1st touch-up from full service: $200
9 month after 1st touch-up from full service: $250
12 month after 1st touch-up from full service: $400


* Chloe needs to see previous work done by other artists to determine costs for "touch ups" and if she feels she is the best fit to work over that previous work.

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