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Makeup recommendations for all ages!

Ask and you shall receive! Lately, there has been a huge request for makeup lessons, and recommendations from many of my older clientele. All saying women want the same things. Something that is relatively easy to use, that will help to make them look better (while equally making them feel better) and something that's affordable. I hear so many complaints that Sephora, Ulta and all the other top named cosmetic stores typically cater to the younger crowd. One reason to support small businesses like a day spa is because we went to school and fully understand your skin and what is best for it. So here you have it, my personal favorite Amazon finds for makeup (for your convenience) and a few that we carry at our day spa as well. I am going to start this off with basics so I don't overwhelm you. Please feel free to reach out with any of your own questions! If you like this post, don't forget to give it a thumbs up! Thanks for reading :)

Most importantly: Brushes

You absolutely need to get these brushes. I have two sets in my travel kit for bridal & for my personal use at home. They are soft, amazing AND affordable! Most importantly, you need to use a good quality if you want great results when applying any makeup. PUT THESE IN YOUR CART. You can thank me later.


  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free Bristles


  • UNDER $10!

Foundation: First Step

My first recommendation would be It Cosmetics

Your skin but better CC+ cream

INSTANT COMPLEXION PERFECTION - This full-coverage foundation reduces the appearance of acne scarring, wrinkles, redness, dark circles under eyes & large poresall while giving you a luminous, supple, flawless-looking complexion.



Skincare-Infused Makeup

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Locks in moisture, supports visible elasticity, and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Peptides: Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support natural collagen for smoother, firmer-looking skin

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: Skin-firming protein that supports elasticity for a youthfully smooth appearance

  • SPF 50+ physical sunscreen to protect all skin types, even sensitive!

My second recommendation would be Bliss Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer (my personal fav for light coverage)

Lightweight, mineral-enriched, tinted cream with broad spectrum sun protection. Evens skin tone with a sheer natural radiance, as it nourishes, moisturizes and protects. Available in

natural and glowing finishes.

  • Tinted moisturizer

  • Natural finish

  • Sheer coverage

  • SPF 20

My third recommendation would be for anyone who likes powder foundation is It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation. I prefer to use powder foundations in the summer because I tend to feel a little more oily on hot summer days. But if you are someone who feels like they are on the oily side, this foundation is amazing. If you prefer liquid foundation and get oily, keep reading! I will highlight a wonderful add on to your routine to throw on.

7 Benefits in 1!

  • Full-coverage illuminating foundation

  • Anti-aging powder

  • Blurs away pores and fine lines

  • Silky skin feel

  • Won’t crease or crack

  • Dark spot concealer

  • Absorbs oil and shine without settling into lines and wrinkles

Blush: Next step

A great find for a low price would be the Elf Cosmetics Putty Blush. I am a big fan of cream blushes because I feel they last so much longer AND you can add a touch to your lips for a hint of color!

BORA BORA is my personal favorite for color. I am a huge blush fan. I think it makes me look flirty and alive!

  • CREAM-TO-POWDER FINISH: Say hello to that island glow! e.l.f. Putty Blush is a velvety, lightweight but buildable putty-to-powder blush that melts into your skin for a natural glow.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BUILDABLE COLOR: Featuring a highly pigmented, silky-smooth formula, this blush blends seamlessly into skin and transforms from cream to a semi-matte powder finish to give you a flushed-from-within glow.

  • BOOSTS HYDRATION: The creamy and nourishing formula is infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E to hydrate, nourish and moisturize the skin.

  • SKIN-LOVING INGREDIENTS: All e.l.f. products are made from skin-loving ingredients you want, minus the toxins you don’t—all at good-for-you prices. All e.l.f. products are 100% cruelty-free and Vegan.

Must have Mascaras:

You all know I am a die hard lash gal so I am really picky about my mascara. I have tried SO many, and I am a big fan of the one we carry at the shop Grande Lash. I will link that below but also be sure to check our the kits that have mascaras in them.

Key Ingredients:

  • Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis Seed Oil): a tried and true favorite rich in Omega-6 fatty acids & Vitamin E to promote stronger, thicker, bolder looking lashes while helping to prevent breakage.

  • Natural Wax Blend: for a buildable formula.

My second favorite on the market is Benefits Bad Girl Bang which I will also link below. The wand separates my lashes and lifts them so well! Its a great mascara for all you ladies with little lashes too because the wand is plastic and can really get closer to your lash line.

Benefits Bad Girl Bang

  • Smudge-proof, water-resistant, volumizing mascara

  • Provitamin B5 is known to fuel thickness and strength

  • Wiggle the brush from base to tips of lashes

Must have Brow Treatments:

Brows are the key to life. If you need any help with shaping, tinting, or learning how to pencil your brows- We really do know our stuff at Bliss. I have tried just about everything when it comes to pencils and I always come back to Blissful Beauty Cosmetics (our company line). It is a hot seller and everyone that tries it, comes back for more. My biggest suggestion is to buy the dark taupe. 9 out of 10 times even on some of the fairest people, that's the color! The trick is to not press down hard, follow the shape of your natural eyebrow and lightly pencil, then use the brow brush to lightly brush it out for a natural look. I always create an outline around my brows and fill in from there.

  • Dual-ended pencil with a soft-powder finish. Unique brush tip blends and shapes for full, natural-looking brows

  • Mineral oil free

BUT if you're really struggling to pencil your own brows, this kit by Angiehaie is amazing and I highly recommend it! It comes with stencils to help guide you and an easy to use sponge stamper. If you're someone who gets greasy throughout the day and you have trouble keeping your brows from smudging, this is for you!

  • For Thin & Thick Eyebrows: Newly designed with the golden ratio that fits all shapes of eyebrows thick and thin. Choose your favorite shape out of 24 reusable stencils to create the most natural looking brows. Each kit includes 1 eyebrow stamp pomade, 24 stencils (12 thin brows + 12 thick brows), and 1 dual-ended brush and spoolie.

  • Long-Lasting & Waterproof: Upgraded pomade is made with premium quality ingredients, all natural and cruelty-free. Pomade is long-lasting, waterproof, and sweatproof, so your perfect brows shine through 24/7.

Blotting Powder & Under-eye treatments:

Blotting Powder, also known as finishing or setting powder is a must have if you're someone who gets oily throughout the day. This is a translucent powder that can be applied over your foundation. Elf Cosmetics makes a very inexpensive fix for this!

  • Fills in fine lines and blurs imperfections for a flawless finish

  • Creates a photo-ready effect with its soft, smooth finish

  • Perfect for on-the-go use with its convenient, portable compact design

  • Wear it alone, or use to set makeup and foundation

  • Cruelty-free, vegan and 100% free from Phthalates, Parabens, Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, Triclosan, Triclocarban, and Hydroquinone

Banana Powder is a must have in my makeup kit. Essence makes a powder called Brighten up that is amazing for brightening up under eyes without being "cakey" looking. I added this to my kit for bridal season and its one of my favs.

  • Banana pressed powder

  • Brighten under eyes

  • Lock in concealer and foundation

  • Lasts all day

  • Cruelty Free

Under eye concealers are hard to find for all skin types but most especially for aging skin. Many concealers can sit under the eyes and make them look crepey. I really do feel like the Brighten Up powder listed above helps a ton and won't sit in the fine lines. But for those of you who prefer a little more coverage. It Cosmetics makes a great one called "Bye Bye Under Eye".

  • Bye Bye Under Eye is our 1 best-selling waterproof concealer. It delivers highly pigmented, long-lasting full coverage that improves the appearance of wrinkles without creasing or cracking.

  • BYE BYE IMPERFECTIONS - This multitasking, natural finish concealer effectively conceals the look of skin imperfections, including dark circles, under eye bags, redness, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, age spots, and discoloration.

  • 24HR FULL COVERAGE FORMULA - The smooth, creamy texture delivers highly pigmented full coverage for up to 24 hours. Warm 1 dot with fingers, tap onto skin and blend with Heavenly Luxe Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush 2. Can also be worn as foundation.

  • ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS - Infused with proprietary Expression Proof Technology, plus anti-aging peptides, vitamins, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, this revolutionary concealer actually makes your skin look younger!

Eye liners can be tricky so if you're not sure where to start with that, or if your eyes have a hard time applying then I would highly recommend trying a eyeshadow stick! I got this brand in my birch box and I loved it! Whenever I don't have time to do anything crazy, I throw this on and feel SO much better. I have many colors and love them all, but I like the color pictured below for myself personally. A lot of MOB (mother of the brides) I tend to stay away from shimmer because it can accentuate fine lines more. This brand does make a matte shadow stick just for you!

  • CREME-TO-POWDER WATERPROOF EYESHADOW: This waterproof, crème-to-powder eyeshadow stick glides effortlessly across lids before drying to a waterproof crease-proof powder finish.

  • NO BRUSH REQUIRED: Just glide and go. With smooth application, a built-in smudger for effortless blending, and a waterproof powder finish, you don’t need a brush to get the look you love.

Thank you for reading, and trusting my professional opinion. I have so many other things I would recommend but like I said, I don't want to overwhelm you. Please reach out and let me know if you have any questions, or if you liked the post do me a favor and send it to someone you think would enjoy it! Or send me an email and let me know!



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