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Spring Cleaning!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Today I wanted to take a dive into a everyday routine at home for skin care: How often you should be using certain products. How long your products (when using them regularly) should last you. When your products need to get tossed, and much more!

Our skin is constantly changing with seasons and many of us are starting to clean out the closets. Now is the PERFECT time to weed out old products. If you haven't used them in a year or more; they're expired & you need to toss them!!!! I'd be happy to help look up when you purchased something last in our system if you can't remember, and also help tell you if something isn't right for your skin; send me an email! Read more below; this is an old blog I sent out but SUPER helpful for anyone looking to keep up with a great at home regimen.

As an Esthetician, I get asked a variety of different questions and my mission is to try to answer a few FAQ today to help everyone have a better understanding of our skin!

1) How often should someone get a facial?

Our skin cells grow back every 3-4 weeks, therefore a facial is recommended at least every 4-6 weeks. This also depends on which facial treatment you're looking to keep up with and what areas specifically you wish to target.

2) How often should someone exfoliate at home?

At most, 2/3 times per week. Over exfoliating your skin can strip your skin of its natural oils and can end up causing more breakouts or irritation.While on the topic of at home exfoliation; if you have St. Ives Apricot Scrub and are using this on your face PLEASE THROW IT OUT!! This product is meant for your body. Apricot seeds are actually triangular shaped and can be super abrasive to the skin on your face, leaving tiny cuts, allowing bacteria to cause more break outs and also can be so abrasive that it actually can cause broken capillaries.

3) How long should my products be lasting me?

From the moment you take your products home you should be using them. After all, that is why you bought them, right?! There are SO many of our clients that tell us that they're using cleansers, moisturizers etc. that they purchased over a year ago. Every brand is different as far as expiration but I can tell you that after a month or two (if you are using the products the way you should be) your products should be just about gone. So if they're lasting you a year.. we have a BIG problem!! Below you will find a list of a break down with products, how often you should be using them, how long they should last you, how much of each product to use, in the order of how to use them.

The best way to see results in your skin is by being consistent with at home care as well as regular facials! This is a video on our most popular facial here at Bliss- (Our Hydraglow Faciall). We have SO many facials to choose from and are always learning and adding new services to the menu. If you haven't been in with us for a facial yet, you don't know what you're missing!!We have placed 1st for best facial on the shoreline and now 3rd for best of New Haven.

So here is a break down with our products, how often you should be using them, how long they should last you, how much of each product to use, and listed in the order of how to use them.

Cleanser: Most of our cleansers are in a pump, you should be using about a nickle size amount (2/3 pumps) for the whole face and neck. You should be cleansing your face every morning & every night. Cleansers about 8oz's in size should last you about 2 months, using them correctly. I recommend using an oil based cleanser first (pre-cleanse) and follow it up with your second cleanser (gel, foam or cream). This method of cleansing is recommended to throughly get all makeup and oils off. Without double cleansing your skin, your products will not penetrate properly.

Exfoliate: Your 1.7oz exfoliator should be used two-three times a week after you cleanse your skin. A dime/nickle size for the whole face and neck should be used while slowly work it into the skin, sometimes adding a tiny bit of water. Some of these products will tell you to leave it on the skin for 5-10 minutes for best results. Wash with warm water.

Mask: If you like to mask, you really can do this as often as you'd like. Your skin will totally LOVE you for it!! I would like to mention that SO many of our clients tell us that they're using charcoal masks (because of all the hype) but MANY of you have dry skin. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Just because you have a break out once a year, doesn't mean your skin needs a mask so detoxifying and drying!! I like to use about a quarter size for the whole face and neck. My personal favorite is our overnight recovery mask. YES, I SAID OVERNIGHT!! You can leave them on while you sleep and you wake up with a true glow!!

If only using a mask once a week, a 1.7 oz jar should last you 1/2 months (depending on how much you apply).

Toner: After you wash your cleanser, mask or exfoliator off you tone. Shira's 6.8oz toner should last you about 5/6 months. You can tone morning and night! I use about 2-3 spritz all over the face. Most times I go a little over board with the toner because I just love how it smells and feels!!

Fun Fact: Astringents and Toners are completely different. Many people say they feel that toners "dry their skin out". A toner is meant to help balance the Ph level of your skin, allowing your following applied products to penetrate deeper. The main difference is that astringent typically contains alcohol, which is an ideal ingredient for those with oily skin. Astringents are especially good at helping to control oil.

Serums: This is a little more specific to the kind of serum you're using. Serums help to specifically target a skin care concern. Some are used as spot treatments, some are used only at night, and some are used as many times as you'd like. Whatever the case is, make sure to ask your esthetician when the best time is to apply your serum is. MOST serums are about 1-2 pumps (less than a penny in size) amount for the whole face and neck. Typically most serums shouldn't last you more than 6/8 weeks total depending on the type.

Eye Cream: Eye Cream should be applied AM & PM. This is the most commonly applied wrong. Back up! If you’re applying product to your lids or near your lashes, that’s too close. Simply tap the product along the orbital bone, right under your eyebrow, and under your eyes in a semi-circle shape about half an inch below your lash line. The skin surrounding the eyes is the most delicate skin on your face, so there’s no reason to handle it roughly. Instead, blend eye cream out with gentle patting and tapping motions, using just the pad of your ring finger, which has a more delicate touch compared to your other digits. When you apply eye cream any closer, you risk it migrating and getting into your eyes, which can lead to irritation.

I always tell my clients that the amount of eye cream applied should be about the size of half your pinky nail. Shira's 1oz eye cream should last you about 2 months, tops. Many people think that you only need eye cream once you seen visible signs of aging but like many things, you should start using it BEFORE to help prevent signs of aging!!

Moisturizer/Creams: There is a difference between the two. Moisturizers tend to be a bit on the lighter side, while creams tend to be much heavier. This is why most used for PM are referred to as Night Creams. A dime size amount is usually plenty for the entire face and neck. Whether you have only a moisturizer or both moisturizer and night cream; you should be applying, morning and night, following all of your previous steps. You can always add a little face massage while applying to help stimulate blood circulation! Shira's 1.7oz moisturizer if used morning and night should only last you about 4/6 weeks tops. So if you have both moisturizer and cream for AM & PM, no more than 2 months.

Sun Screens: This is obviously only in the AM. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Every. Single. Day. You should be applying sunscreen. Both in the winter and the summer. Sun screens expire extremely quickly so after 6 months, I would toss it. Many of my clients say "I have sunscreen in my makeup" - yes, that is better than nothing.. but truthfully we should be applying more than just what our makeup has. I am going to attach a photo below that will open your eyes to what not wearing sunscreen can do to you.

This is an image of a truck driver for 28 years who never wore sun screen. You can see the left side (driver side) of his face has significantly more sun damage than the right side.


Feel free to send us an email with questions regarding skin care! Also, we would love to help sort through any products you have at home. Feel free to bring a basket of your skin care in with you for your next service and receive 10% OFF your entire skin care purchase that day.

While I did quickly proof read this.. Please excuse any typos :)

I hope you enjoyed!

Xo Jessica

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